Frequently Asked Questions

Will the steam cleaning process scratch the vehicle?
No. Scratches from traditional car washes are due to tiny particles of dirt, sand and rust rubbing against the paint of a vehicle when cleaning brushes make direct contact with the paint. Steam cleaning removes these particles by using the proper amount of heat, pressure and water, without any direct contact. After, a microfiber cloth, applied with minimal pressure, is used to dry the vehicle.

Will steam cleaning damage the paint?
No. Auto paint is designed to be resistant to extremely high and low temperatures. Enviowash’s steam cleaning equipment uses a low psi of 115 and a steam temperature that falls below 212 ° F, which is perfectly safe for auto paint.

Is steam cleaning only for exterior surfaces?
No. Enviowash’s steam cleaning process works wonders for vehicle interiors. Stains and dirt on carpets, floor mats, roof liners and upholstery are removed thoroughly with steam. It has also has the advantage, over alternative methods, of cleaning hard to reach areas, such as vents, door jams and small crevices.

Does Enviowash only clean cars?
No. Our detailing services include RVs, trucks, buses, limousines, heavy-duty vehicles, boats, planes and more.

Are there any health benefits to steam cleaning?
Yes! Steam cleaning sterilizes and deodorizes surfaces. The heat of the steam gives it an antibacterial and anti-mite effect, leaving your car cleaner, and allowing you to breath easier.

How much water runoff is there with steam cleaning?
Steam cleaning generates virtually no waste water runoff and the low moisture steam evaporates shortly after the process.

How much water is used?
To clean a vehicle with steam cleaning, it generally takes less than one gallon of water. For comparison, a traditional car wash requires more than 40 gallons per vehicle.

What type of products does Enviowash use?
No chemicals are generally needed in the steam clean process. If we do use cleaning products, they meet the highest of environmental standards. We only use high quality products that are phosphorus-free, APE-free, NPE-free and VOC (volatile organic compounds) compliant.

Why should I choose Enviowash over a traditional detailer?
Enviowash specializes in on-site, fleet detailing services for any type of vehicle. Our highly skilled team members work efficiently, regardless of volume, and never compromise quality. We utilize a state-of-the-art steam cleaning process combined with EPA approved biodegradable products, delivering stunning results, while helping to protect the planet and conserve water. Our process leaves any vehicle revitalized, free of residual traces, and cleaner than any other method.

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